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Q. Does Street Charger really work?
A. Yes! Check out the Charged Up Rides section to see what some of our customers have said.

Q. How many batteries can it charge?
A. Up to 12 batteries run at 24 - 72 volts. For example, a 48V Charger can charge 1, 2, or 3 banks of 4 batteries in a series. A 72V Charger can charge 1 or 2 banks of 6 batteries in a series.

Q. How do I know which model I need?
A. This is the most important part of choosing your Street Charger. It must match the voltage of your hydraulic battery setup. Voltage is determined by how many batteries you have in a series at a time. Not sure what voltage your set-up is? Click here to see a few battery set-up diagrams to help you determine your voltage.

Q. Do I need a charger for each battery bank?
A. Not necessarily. You can bridge the banks together and one charger can charge them all (up to 12 batteries total). For example, if you are running 48V with 2 banks of 4 batteries each, you would bridge the banks at the 4th battery. Click here for diagrams.

Q. Do I need an upgraded alternator?
A. Street Charger is designed to run off a stock alternator. It has built in current limiting and draws a maximum of 40 amps.

Q. How does it connect to my system?
A. There are 4 wires for the Street Charger
1 - ground
1 - to front battery
1 - to fusebox (ignition turn-on)
1 - to positive post of last battery in series

Diagram shows a 48V setup with 4 batteries:

Q. How Do I Install a Street Charger?
A. Check out our Street Charger installation manual for details.

Q. What is the wiring diagram for the prewired switchbox?
A. Check out our Street Charger prewired switchbox diagram for details.

Q. What is the wiring diagram for the voltmeter?
A. Check out our Street Charger Voltmeter diagram for details.


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