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click to listen "Here is just a little segment of the morning show...take it easy." - Jason Wade - AR


"I just wanted to let you guys know I have had my Street Charger for 3 years now. And since I haven't had to charge my batteries, I haven't had to give an excuse. No more dead batteries. Which means I haven't had any "run-aways". It is especially great because it is my daily driver. And not having to waste time with a battery charger, I can get in and drive whenever I like! " - Tony .


"In the last four years I've had three daily driven juiced cars, and everyone of them has had a street charger in it. I reccommend this product to anyone, it's hands down the greatest thing since the accumulator. My last car was a 2005 Ford Five Hundred that was two pumped, 4 batteries and Parker accumulators on 22" wheels, I drove it for a year and a half daily no less than 60 miles a day and NEVER put it on the charger, not once! Bill is a stand up guy and an awesome guy to deal with! This is that investment that everytime you drive your car, you'll be asking your self why you didn't do it earlier! This product speaks for itself. QUALITY! I have owned 5 of these things personally and have never been unsatisfied. I reccommed them to anyone with a juiced car or truck. " - James - NV

"Figured I'd send you an update. My name is Wayne Yarter and I bought a Street Charger from you about a year and a half ago. I am the one on your Rides page with the black 64 Impala SS that is unfinished. I finished the car last year and had a blast with it all summer and I NEVER charged my batteries once. I just wanted to thank you and your company for such an enjoyable season. Also here is a pic of the car as it is now with more to come for this year." - Wayne Yarter - NY


"I do all my own hydraulic work myself. Knowing how and why everything works is the most imortant part of the lowrider experience for me. I've had a 36 volt Street Charger hooked up to my setup for 2 years. And in the last 2 years I have been running a completely maintanence free hydraulic setup in my daily driven truck. With the Street Charger I can always prove that running hydraulics has many major advantages over any air-ride setup. Thanks for a great product. " - Phil Hughes - Macomb, MI



"My name is Joey Ashburn and I own a 1997 Toyota Tacoma. I have a set of chrome CCE hydraulics with steel braided lines. It has a set of chrome 8 inch cylinders in the front and chrome 10 inch cylinders in the rear. I'm using 4 batteries with 10 switches. I run accumulators on the front and the rear for a Caddy style ride. My Street Charger sits in the middle of the pumps to show that I don't need to hook up at night. I just drive and charge it as I drag around. I have a custom bridge and a step notch to lay my taco on the ground to show or to just drag around. Thanks again." - Joey Ashbrn - Baltimore, MD


"Just wanted to say I love my Street Charger, 48volt. Haven't had to plug my car in at night and keeps both banks powerful all day when I'm driving around. Here is a picture of my caddy. 2 pumps, 4 dumps, 8 Trojans, Street Charger. Thanks guys. Awesome product." - Brian Wise - Chicago, IL

"This is my 1991 Chevy Caprice I totally built from the ground up. I run my own shop in Landis, N.C. (180 Customs), and use to work for another shop in Concord, N.C. (Encore Car Stereo) which is where i got hooked on Street Charger. I got nothing but props to give to you on such a great product. I have used the 24,36 and the 48 chrome on three of my cars, which I have sold and use the street charger as a unique selling point with the hydros. I am currently building my next project and is certain to have one also. Thanks for such a great product. " - Troy, 180 CUSTOMS - Landis, N.C.

"This has been one of the best investments I could have ever made which has made having hydros more enjoyable in every aspect. I can hit the streets anytime without having to give the "dead batteries" excuse. It is also great considering I am in an apartment situation which would not allow the old fashioned way of charging. Thanks for providing a great product and customer service!" - Josh Elzey - Boston, MA www.twiztedstylz.com

"Since the installation of my setup, I am happy to say that I have never had to charge any of my 8 trojans on a conventional charger. In my opinion, the Street Charger is the best investment I have made to my hydraulic setup. Thanks Mike at LOGEAR complex, Jason for the excellent installation, and last but not least Street Charger for the perfect charging system. " - Rod Reifka - Washington, N.C.

"Here's a couple shots of El Fink, my 1960 El Camino. I've had a Street Charger onboard since 1999 and so far I have had no trouble. It keeps my batteries charged while I drive, so I don't have to worry about it later. I installed the Street Charger along with the rest of the hydraulic system at our family shop, DE's Auto Service in Grove City, OH. We can do the same for you. Thanks for making a great product." - Tom Estep - Coulmbus, OH

"Thanks alot for your help and support with my Street Charger! I love it. It keeps me charged all the time. I don't even own a regular battery charger! I do not own a garage, and for someone like me it makes life with hydraulics 100 times easier. I don't have to worry about a regular charger catching my ride on fire overnight! The Street Charger product actually aided my decision in choosing hydraulics over air bags in my 64! Thanks Street Charger! " - Wayne

"Keeping my 10 batteries full of juice would be a full time job. Street Charger keeps my system at 100% without me having to lift a finger (except to hit a switch)." - Jim Raymond - Atlanta, GA

"I just wanted to say your Street Charger has made my life as a person that loves lowriders and owns one, more enjoyable. For the last 4 years I haven't had to use a regular battery charger to charge the batteries in my 86 Buick Regal lowrider. As a lowrider enthusiest I would like to say thank you Street Charger for making a product that really works." - Bruce Mills - ND

"Only the best equipment goes in my '47 Caddy. That's why I have a Street Charger". - Phil Spaeth, Ohio

"I never knew my system could hit so hard. Fully charged batteries make a huge difference. Thanks Street Charger. - Tres Daddy Chad, Florida

Installation by Motion Three Hydraulics (610-338-0641) - Authorized Street Charger Dealer

"Street Charger was one of the best investments I made. It saves me time and keeps me rolling." - Anthony Naccarella, Pennsylvania

The reason people do not want hydraulics is because they always have to charge the batteries. Auto Fabrications Unlimited suggested that I buy a Street Charger to charge the batteries while I drive. The Street Charger was installed in my bed near my hydraulic setup. I have been very pleased with the Street Charger. I haven't had any problems out of it and my batteries are always charged. I would tell anyone who has hydraulics that it is a very wise investment. - Daniel Lee Positive Image - Alabama Chapter

"My Street Charger keeps me hoppin' all day long!" - Brent Cheshire, Atlanta, GA

"Street Charger's da bomb!" - Rodney Owens, So. Carolina

"I used to have to charge my batteries every day. What a pain! With my Street Charger, I just charge while I'm cruisin'. I haven't had to charge my batteries in over 10 months. It's great." - Sean Eady, Florida

"I used to deal with Bill at Street Charger when I worked for The Show Zone in South Carolina. I haven't been with the company for a year or so. I recently ventured into my own part time business installing hydros and bags for my old customers. I was hoping to re-establish my connection so I can sell more of your products! I've never had one complaint from your product, EVER!!!! I've got two cars that I did from The Show Zone running the charger that I installed two and a half years ago or so! I enjoyed the prompt service that I always received and would appreceiate the opportunity to sell your product to my customers again! Thanks!" - Ronnie, South Carolina

"I need only the best for myself and my customers. I choose the Street Charger. There is no substitute." - Jaime Cantu, Dingo's Hydraulics

"Now there's no end to my cruising." - Kevin Borr, Michigan

Charge your hydros while you drive!

Affordable hydraulic battery charger that mounts in your car & runs off your stock electrical system.

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