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  Wiring Code for Prewired Switchbox or Switch Panel
     Pink Rear Right Pump     (UP)        
     Purple Rear Left Pump       (UP)        
     White Rear Right Dump  (DOWN)        
     Gray Rear Left Dump    (DOWN)        
     Yellow Front Right Pump    (UP)        
     Orange Front Left Pump      (UP)        
     Green Front Right Dump (DOWN)        
     Blue Front Left Dump   (DOWN)        
     Red 24 volt power        
  This switchbox can be used for a 2, 3, or 4 pump system.    
  The color code shown is for 4 pumps.         
  If you only have 2 pumps (front & rear), connect the pink & purple wires to the
  rear pump. Connect the yellow & orange wires to the front pump.
  If your switchbox has a voltmeter installed        
  and your system has a Street Charger        
  connect these wires to the Street Charger as follows:      
                  Without Street Charger
    Black "Ground" post       Ground
    Brown Green terminal       Ignition
    Translucent Blue    "Out" post at       Last battery positive
      top of charger        
  Note:  Clean acrylic box with water only.        
    DO NOT use window cleaner or any alcohol, ammonia
    or acetone based cleaners to clean box.      
    They will permanently damage acrylic.        


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