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Street Charger Combos  combine our Street Charger and Acrylic Switchboxes

Be on the cutting edge of hydraulic technology!

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Charge your hydros while you drive!

Street Charger  takes the hassle out of charging your hydraulic batteries. When you turn on your car's ignition, the Street Charger   goes to work charging your hydraulic batteries. So you charge while you drive. No need to worry about overcharging. Street Charger   has current limiting which will automatically convert to a trickle charge. There are no buttons or switches to turn on or off because Street Charger   knows when you're using your hydraulics. It is designed to run off a car's stock alternator.

The standard color is black, but you can customize your charger combo with a chrome, red, blue, purple, or green casing for an additional charge. Installation is fairly simple, much like a car audio amplifier. A wiring kit is included for a proper installation.








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